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Everton fans call for Moshiri to allow other bidders amid uncertainty over 777 takeover

Everton fans call for Moshiri to allow other bidders amid uncertainty over 777 takeover

The future of Everton remains shrouded in uncertainty as the proposed takeover by 777 Partners continues to drag on.

The Everton Fan Advisory Board (FAB) have now added their voice to the growing chorus of discontent, urging majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri to consider alternative buyers.

FAB’s statement comes just a day after the Everton Shareholders Association publicly questioned 777’s suitability and accused them of lacking the qualifications to be “fit-and-proper” owners for the club.

The Everton takeover saga began in September 2023 when Moshiri announced a deal to sell his 94.1% stake to 777, with a projected closing by the end of that year. 

However, eight months later, the Premier League’s approval remains elusive. 

To make matters worse, 777 have been accused of engaging in a “pattern of fraud” involving hundreds of millions of pounds, raising further concerns about their financial situation and ability to complete the takeover.

Recent reports have confirmed that Moshiri met with 777 in London this week, seeking clarity over the stalled deal. 

It is also believed that some parties within the club have serious doubts about the 777 acquisition, and discussions are focused on finding a swift resolution to the ongoing crisis.

The FAB statement reads: “In March 2024, the Fan Advisory Board wrote to Farhad Moshiri, 777 Partners and the Premier League, all of whom have a role to play in the proposed takeover of Everton Football Club. 

“Each replied, but ultimately the responses were predictable, cursory and without rigour in terms of finding a satisfactory resolution to a process that has now dragged on since September 2023.

“This ongoing confusion and lack of transparency cannot continue. 

“Each party must recognise the role it is playing in sullying the reputation of one of the most storied clubs in English football history and appreciate that all the rumour and speculation is causing extremely high levels of anxiety and concern to the club’s greatest assets: their fans.”

Everton fans called on 777 to own up to their inability to provide the necessary funding to finalise the takeover. They also demanded that Moshiri allow other bidders the opportunity to buy the club.

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