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Everton fans question Premier League’s ‘inconsistency’ over PSR sanctions

Everton fans question Premier League's 'inconsistency' over PSR sanctions

Everton supporters are fuming over what they perceive as a lack of consistency in the Premier League’s sanctions after the club were docked an additional two points for breaching Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR). 

This latest point deduction comes after a successful appeal in November saw a previous ten-point penalty reduced to six for similar financial irregularities.  

A statement released by the Everton Fan Advisory Board (FAB) pointed out the discrepancies in past rulings, highlighting the confusion these seemingly arbitrary punishments create for supporters.

“The only consistency throughout has been the inconsistency,” the statement read.

“From the outset, it has been made clear that Everton Football Club has a case to answer, however the only certainty we have is the PL’s failure to provide transparent, fair and effective regulation of its own rules.”

A lack of clear sanctioning frameworks within the Premier League itself has also raised eyebrows and stoked fan frustration.

Premier League clubs, including Everton, voted against implementing a system of fixed penalties back in 2020, arguing that it would rob independent commissions of their discretion in considering each case’s unique circumstances. 

In other words, a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t allow room for mitigating or aggravating factors. 

It was also argued that not knowing the exact punishment for breaking the rules was a stronger deterrent for clubs, but it also left a cloud of ambiguity hanging over the entire process.

Clubs are now working on replacing PSR with a new set of financial rules, and potential approval is expected as early as June’s annual general meeting.

The recent case also saw the independent commission dismiss arguments presented by FAB, which has drawn ire from the supporters’ club.

“The PL Independent Commission’s decision to refuse to consider the views and impact on supporters could not be further from the Premier League’s rhetoric about the importance and value of fan input,” the FAB statement added.

“It raises real concern that the PL continues to erode the trust and good faith of football’s biggest asset – supporters.”

The FAB have reignited their push for the government’s proposed football regulator to have broader oversight. 

However, the government has maintained its stance that the Premier League will retain rule-setting authority for the competition even after the regulator is passed into law.

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